Visiting Italy one cannot avoid to put Rome in the middle of your visit. The charm of the past centuries relives with art and history. In addition to the archaeological remains, the glory of the Empire, the perception and the spaces of magnificence by early Kings until the last Western Roman Emperor. The paths to be discovered are infinite and can be restricted only by available days. Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trajan’s markets and then Capitol hill and the theatre of Marcellus, Tiber river, hundreds of churches that are, just like treasure chests, filled with thousands of masterpieces. All of this without moving away from the old town.
The city center is filled with dream shopping locations, famous movie sites that bring back suggestions of neo realism and the Fellini visual poetry. All major 4 basilicas San Pietro, Santa Maria Maggiore, San Giovanni and San Paolo; the gardens, the palaces of the wealthiest families of Italian history, several ongoing exhibitions; nature trails around Rome that bring to life the relaxed way of life typical of the Romans; wine and gastronomic itinerary between meat and fruit and simple and natural life with nature to reign in the Centre of views that seem to come to life and paintings in which seem to move and stop between lakes and rivers and scents and a thousand Bamba on the hills and mountains between cobbles and stones and churches and mystery.

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