Italy’s five lands & Amalfi Coast

Among the marvels offered by the Italian peninsula, among the many artworks, you will find spectacular works of nature very often encased in a piece of land or on rocks overlooking the sea. It is possible to visit the cities of art but also fabulous towns with a handful of locals that come alive in the summer…Read more


Visiting Italy one cannot avoid to put Rome in the middle of your visit. The charm of the past centuries relives with art and history. In addition to the archaeological remains, the glory of the Empire, the perception and the spaces of magnificence by early Kings until the last Western Roman Emperor… Read more


Today the smallest country in the world but once the Centre of power that everyone respected and feared. The Popes and the charm that followed them, the charisma, the military force and the wisdom of the ages…Read more

La Scala Theatre

From a temple of sport and POP concerts to Opera, classical music and fine dining, to hear. The charm of melodrama and comedies whose music was composed by authentic geniuses and booklets written by revolutionaries…Read more


Live the dream of the city built on water. Ancient home of the Doges and their economic empire with trades of the maritime Republic of winged Lion, the banner of Saint Mark. Silks, spices and perfumes, clothing and hairstyles, masks for the holidays and world famous Carnival…Read more


After experiencing the heat of Naples, the stunning colors of the Gulf of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, it would be a shame not to board the fast boat to get to Capri. The island of wild boars in thec enter of legends and where nature reigns in harmony with humans…Read more

Uffizi and David in Florence

Florence is, as well as Rome, home of an erudite culture of thousands of years, well visible and accessible in the historical center of the city that was of The Medici, among the paths leading from the romance and the jewels of the Ponte Vecchio (old bridge) to the magnificence of the Duomo Cathedral…Read more

Tuscan Hills

Italian culture is not only art and knowledge, but also joy and quality of life, surrounded by the peace of nature. Think of a Grand Tour dining around the many sites of Central Italy. And how not to enjoy at least …Read more

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