La Scala Theatre

From a temple of sport and POP concerts to Opera, classical music and fine dining, to hear. The charm of melodrama and comedies whose music was composed by authentic geniuses and booklets written by revolutionaries.

How not to think of Verdi, Puccini, Rossini and Donizetti to name but a few? It exudes romance and 19th century and almost feel the squeaking of the carriages. And how not to think you can take the opportunity of a trip to Italy to spend an evening at La Scala? This unique venue was inaugurated in 1778 and since then stands as the most prestigious and suggestive theatre, a symbol that represents the city of the Virgin Mary and Saint Ambrose. A romantic walk through Milan smartly dressed, perhaps on the occasion of the presentation of a collection of ready-to-wear or Couture, after a drink, would embed itself like a diamond among the memories if it would end crossing the entrance of the Magic Theatre, between velvets and brocades, wood and lights, suspended in a magic atmosphere, going back in centuries as if no time has passed. And then the curtain and music that unfolds like a spirit for an evening of unforgettable sensations.

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