Live the dream of the city built on water. Ancient home of the Doges and their economic empire with trades of the maritime Republic of winged Lion, the banner of Saint Mark. Silks, spices and perfumes, clothing and hairstyles, masks for the holidays and world famous Carnival. The adventures of Casanova, the Shakespearean tales of Othello and the writings of Hemingway. Still, as you walk through the streets, up and down the bridges and then crossing the channels lounging on a Gondola ride into the sunset, there is an air of fable and nobility and you can hear their words echo in the air. Shopping between textiles and blown glass, then sit by the Tower of Bacari for the typical aperitif spritz and cicchetti, until you find yourself on the Rialto Bridge and piazza san Marco, with the famous bell tower and the wonderful basilica studded with gold and other treasures to be discovered. And then visit the island of Giudecca and the seafront Lido, home of the prestigious International Film Festival that is celebrated worldwide with the arrival of dozens of stars every year.

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